A Speed Date With Circular Economy Frontrunners

A Speed Date With Circular Economy Frontrunners


As Slovenia took over the EU presidency, I collaborated with Circular Change to publish Circular Insider – a very special publication showcasing how the principles of Circular Economy are being implemented in Slovenia.

But what exactly is Circular Economy?

I would encourage you to get familiar with Ellen MacArthur Foundation, one of the leading organisations in this domain. But in a few sentences, Circular Economy is an alternative to the take-make-waste system, where resources are being used to produce products, which eventually get wasted, meaning all value is destroyed in the process. Circular principle strives to retain value by means of closing the loops – keeping resources in circulation and designing products in a way that allows their components or materials to be reused. By doing so, we are cutting down on virgin resource use (meaning we are not likely to run out of them and/or destroy ecosystems to extract them) and producing less waste and pollution, which is becoming a huge global issue.

Circular Insider is packed with great Slovenian stories and cases from frontrunners in the emerging Circular Economy. You can read the entire publication here.

Happy reading! And as always…

Stay bright!