International summer school of circular economy in University of Ljubljana

International summer school of circular economy in University of Ljubljana


Summer season, with its calm and slow pace of business, is a perfect time to work with the upcoming creators of the future – students.

In July, the International Summer School at the University of Ljubljana, School of Business and Economics, ran the first edition of the course Shaping circular economy developed and hosted by Ladeja Godina Košir and the Circular Change team, under the leadership of Dr. Maja Zalaznik.

It was an action packed 3-week programme for undergraduate students from all over the world. It equipped them with skills and knowledge to understand international business environment, business models and marketing concepts with the focus on circular economy as a systemic, holistic, interdisciplinary approach towards the sustainable international market.

The programme was a dynamic and engaging mix of knowledge transfer, practical workshop sessions and engagement with leading circular economy practitioners, including guided visits to Pivovarna Laško Union brewery, Aquafil Slovenia (circular nylon production) and MAO Slovenija (architecture and design).

I worked with Circular Change to facilitate the workshop on value chain mapping and identifying innovation opportunities for closing the material loops and facilitating a more circular flow of resources.

It was inspiring to see the interest spark in students for these very important topics. We sincerely hope the sparks carry on to their future careers.

Stay bright!