The Circular4.0 project came to a very successful close

The Circular4.0 project came to a very successful close


Technology park Ljubljana was one of the partners of Circular4.0 project, aiming to empower small and medium sized companies (SMEs) for the circular and digital transformation.

I worked with Technology park to deliver workshops and 1-1 mentoring with the SMEs and to foster the Circular4.0 community, consisting of innovative companies on the forefront of circular economy. The project was a big success and it ended with the final conference in September. The conference brought together project partners, SMEs and important players in the circular ecosystem to present results and important action steps and to discuss important questions moving on.

Together, all the project partners put almost 300 SMEs through the enablement program. You can read about some of the success cases in the brochure. The program was focused on discovering the innovation potential relevant to the circular economy of the companies. Through assessment tools, workshops and mentoring sessions, we helped them build business models and/or action plans to harness that potential. With those in the more mature stage, we also went on to develop pitches/project proposals and helped them find partnerships and funding opportunities.

You are warmly invited to browse through the project webpage, where you can find a lot of the course materials, assessment tools and other materials that were manifested during the project.

Stay bright!