The Birth of a Self-proclaimed “Slovenian Ministry of Circular Economy”

The Birth of a Self-proclaimed “Slovenian Ministry of Circular Economy”


Driving change is not an easy challenge and it requires alignment of key players.

On January 18, we held a very inspiring meeting with many of the most important Slovenian organisations and experts involved in circular, innovation and creative ecosystem. We believe that by connecting initiatives in all these sectors, we can achieve a much higher positive impact with less resources.

We assembled a diverse crowd, consisting of:

  • Academia (University of Maribor)
  • Individual experts in the fields of circular economy/sustainability, design and innovation.

The purpose of the meeting was aligning (and, where possible, joining) our initiatives and projects and strengthening our collaboration. It was inspiring to discuss and learn about everything we all do and plan to do, and there was a sense of being in the same boat. That’s why we dubbed ourselves the informal Ministry of Circular Economy. Who would have thought that establishing a ministry was so simple? 😉

We shared our plans for 2023, knowledge, resources, ideas, and concerns. Then, we tried to find possibilities to connect our projects and teams to make our work even more impactful.

We believe that this meeting was a great step towards a more green, creative and smart Slovenia and we are looking forward to seeing the results of our collaboration.

Stay bright!