About Me

Ram Dušić Hren

I believe business should serve people, not the other way around. That's why I help businesses find their purpose, build skills and develop strategies that make them prosperous, regenerate our environment and benefit everyone involved.

Ram Dušić Hren

My Purpose

Business-as-usual no longer benefits us. I find it tragicomical that even though we have more money and convenience than ever, people are more unsatisfied, stressed and anxious than ever. That products fuelling this convenience are being produced in inhumane conditions in less-fortunate parts of the world. That overexploiting our planet is making our environment less and less healthy to live in. Well that sure isn't convenient. And it's bad for business too!

I combine my passion for sustainable living and positive impact with my background in innovation and creative workshop facilitation to help businesses and entrepreneurs who:

  • understand that only a positive impact can cultivate long-term success,
  • don't want to fall behind in the accelerating pace of change,
  • find it important to build strong purpose-driven organisations,
  • want to be better equipped to tackle their challenges.

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Inspire Systemic Change

Why do some companies grow explosively and then go bust in a few years? Why do some changes happen easily while others get resistance? Learn about the dynamics behind change and how you can use it to make an impact.

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Design a Sustainable Business Model

Global warming, resource shortages, pollution, inequality and stress are just some of the symptoms of decades of unsustainable business practices. Learn how to make your business model regenerative by design and improve your resilience and success.

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Master Problem Solving

Are you trying to make changes, but they just won’t stick? Do you feel stuck with a challenge or a creative process? Do you want to be better equipped to face complex challenges and have a better impact? If yes, this workshop is for you.

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My Background

  • As a physics student, I worked in development of motors for electric vehicles and helped with building economic scenarios with regards to the introduction of electric mobility.
  • After that, I joined an experimental physics group in Jožef Stefan research institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where I finished my masters degree.
  • I jumped out of academia and into entrepreneurship. Our 3D Printing startup got accepted into Startupbootcamp HightechXL accelerator in Eindhoven, Netherlands, a world-renowned startup program. Our startup didn't get so world-renowned though.
  • After failing, I joined IBM for 4 years, where I worked mostly in the domains of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. I also ran many innovation workshops and got trained in the Design Thinking methodology.
  • In 2020, I started my company Bright3r, where I combine my background in innovation and creative workshop facilitation with my lifelong dedication to sustainability and making a positive impact on the world. I am also an external consultant in Circular Change, which is present globally as an entry point for Circular Economy.

Follow me:

Engaging stakeholders in a constructive exchange of ideas that result in concrete collaboration is not an easy task. Ram is a "master of facilitation" and with him as the orchestrator of the process, you can count on tangible results. Worth experiencing!
Ladeja Godina Košir
Executive Director At Circular Change
Every company should have a chance to work with Ram. Scientific mindset combined with emotional intelligence allows Ram to work in domains as complex as blockchain and instantly click with any team out there looking to improve their overall outcome.
Nino Kutnjak
Chief Product Officer at Iconomi

A Few Fun Facts

  • I couldn't stand music class in primary school. I've been a passionate guitarist for more than 15 years now. Funny how things change.
  • I often enjoy nature's company more than people's.
  • I never thought I would get married. Got married 8 months after meeting my wife. *Update: got divorced right after publishing this website. The ways of life...
  • Adrenaline sports lover. Throwing myself into void space 4000m above the surface of Earth gives me an immense sense of freedom 🙂