The Birth of a Self-proclaimed “Slovenian Ministry of Circular Economy”

Driving change is not an easy challenge and it requires alignment of key players. On January 18, we held a very inspiring meeting with many of the most important Slovenian organisations and experts involved in circular, innovation and creative ecosystem. We believe that by connecting initiatives in all these sectors, …

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Circular and digital – the twin transition

Circular Economy and digitalisation are two of the big driving forces of business change today. But how do they fit together? The way I see it, circular economy is a goal – that’s where we want to get in order to ensure a sustainable flow of resources through our economy …

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PSLifestyle Living Labs – exploring what a sustainable lifestyle means

With Circular Change, we facilitated 4 living labs as a part of the PSLifestyle project in the year 2022 (two in spring and two in autumn). In the living labs, we held discussions about what a sustainable lifestyle really is and what can each individual do to reduce the harmful …

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The Circular4.0 project came to a very successful close

Technology park Ljubljana was one of the partners of Circular4.0 project, aiming to empower small and medium sized companies (SMEs) for the circular and digital transformation. I worked with Technology park to deliver workshops and 1-1 mentoring with the SMEs and to foster the Circular4.0 community, consisting of innovative companies …

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Inovacijska delavnica: Kako do krožnega poslovnega modela ob uporabi digitalnih tehnologij?

Vabljeni na interaktivno delavnico, v soorganizaciji s SRIP - Krožno gospodarstvo, kjer bomo skozi pratične primere in aktivnosti spoznavali priložnosti in tveganja, ki jih nudita krožno gospodarstvo in digitalizacija. …

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International summer school of circular economy in University of Ljubljana

Summer season, with its calm and slow pace of business, is a perfect time to work with the upcoming creators of the future – students. In July, the International Summer School at the University of Ljubljana, School of Business and Economics, ran the first edition of the course Shaping circular …

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How Do Business Leaders Perceive sustainability?

In scope of Climate-KIC Pioneers Into Practice program, I had the opportunity to facilitate a brainstorming session, where we focused on understanding the attitudes of business leaders towards sustainability. Check out the insights participants came up with! …

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Get Ready For Some Exciting New Tools!

Today, we are wrapping up Pioneers Into Practice program organised by Climate KIC and CER Sustainable Business Network Slovenia. Have I got some exciting new tools and ideas for you 🙂 …

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Mentoring Teams on Greenhack – Finding Solutions to Cope With the Inevitable

Greenhack was a hackathon with the goal of designing prototypes of solutions for sustainable future using open data. Here's why I found it important. …

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New Workshops Ready!

Hooray! After a year of trying out different approaches in different projects, I finally put together the first three structured workshops that any business can benefit from. …

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