Digital Enablers of Circular Economy


Digital Enablers of Circular Economy

The twin transition

Digitalisation is one of the main drivers of business evolution. But going digital just for the sake of going digital doesn't solve anything. It's important to start from the challenges we want to address and the goals we want to achieve.

That brings us to circular economy, which is an economic model that challenges the traditional linear take-make-waste paradigm. In contrast to relying on limited streams of virgin resources and spewing out waste on the other end, circular economy is about keeping valuable resources in the loop, thus providing a sustainable model of production and consumption.

Digital technologies can enable circular business models to work on scale and provide user experiences that don't focus on pushing product sales, but on providing the best possible value.

About the workshop

Duration: minimum 3 hours, maximum 8 hours, depending on your needs.

Format: preferably on-site, but online is also a possibility.

Target audience: business leadership and product development teams, conferences.

Price range: 1200€ - 5000€ (depending on duration, format and number of facilitators and experts involved).

What you'll get

An overview of what Circular Economy is and how digitalisation can support it.

Frameworks for implementing circular business models.

Practical exercises with a visual mapping tool to identify opportunities for circularity and digitalisation.

Case studies and examples of good practices.

We loved Ram's dedication to circular economy. In addition to his evident experience, he has strong facilitation and communication skills on an international stage, and a talent for distilling a broad topic into a clear and impactful message.
Darko Stojan