Master Problem Solving

Master Problem Solving - Business Workshop

How to tackle complex challenges with confidence and find solutions that stick?

This workshop will take you through a simple but profound problem solving framework and tools that will help you solve your challenges on a much deeper and more effective level.

About the workshop

Why it's important:

Would you rather invest in fireproof buildings or in more firefighting equipment? 

We're very often caught in a reactive pattern and spend a lot of time, resources and energy on fighting the consequences without addressing the real problem.

We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.

Russell L. Ackoff

Our world is complex, interconnected and constantly changing, and if we want our solutions to have the desired effect, we need to take that into account. Whether you want to better solve your own challenges or to develop a solution for your customer's problem, this workshop will help you break out of your regular thinking patterns - that's where the most creative solutions are usually found.

What you'll get:

  • The "Iceberg Model" for systemic problem solving,
  • exercises and tools that inspire out-of-the-box thinking,
  • a lot of practical activities and group work to give it a try with your own challenges.
  • a good time.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who wants to raise their problem solving skills,
  • leaders and decision-makers,
  • change-makers of all breeds,
  • teams working on a specific challenge,
  • entrepreneurs and innovators developing new solutions.



for company teams

Up to 10 participants: 2400€

The benefit of an in-company workshop is that it can be more focused on solving your specific challenge in a team context, which also connects the team. Contact me and let's talk about your needs and benefits.

For individuals


I organise open workshops either on-demand (when enough people show interest) or I schedule them and send invitations through my mailing list

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