Sustainability 101 for Business


Sustainability 101 for Business

What is Sustainability and Why Invest in it?


It's essential for our world to work. Humans need sleep and food to regenerate. Trees regenerate the oxygen we breathe. Organic waste turns into compost which returns nutrients back to the soil and regenerates it so new plants can grow. So why don't we treat our businesses the same way? 

We live in a limited world with limited resources. A sustainable business model is one that can sustain long-term success within these limits.

Sadly, most businesses prioritise short term productivity while neglecting regeneration capacity of natural wealth (we’re using up Earth’s biological capacity almost twice as fast as it can regenerate), personal wellbeing (burnouts are becoming almost a part of job descriptions, while many workers in third world countries are literally slaves), and regeneration of financial capital (global debt is $300 trillion, meaning we work more or less just to repay what we have borrowed).  This inevitably leads to eventual declines. Economic, environmental and social crashes along with high levels of stress and dissatisfaction are all symptoms of this.

Sustainability is the next step in economic evolution. From a business perspective, there are many reasons to invest in the development of sustainable strategies, including:


About the workshop

Duration: minimum 4 hours, maximum 2 days (2 x 8 hours or 4 x 4 hours), depending on your needs.

Format: preferably on-site, but online is also a possibility (however not in 8 hour blocks, that would be a killer).

Target audience: business leadership teams.

Price range: 1500€ - 6000€ (depending on duration, format and number of facilitators and experts involved).

What you'll get

A load of inspiration and insight into the intimate connection between business, environmental and social challenges.

Overview of the main sustainability frameworks and initiatives.

Practical tools and methodologies you can use to identify opportunities and risks in your value chain.

Case studies and examples of good practices.

We loved Ram's dedication to circular economy. In addition to his evident experience, he has strong facilitation and communication skills on an international stage, and a talent for distilling a broad topic into a clear and impactful message.
Darko Stojan