Design a Sustainable Business Model

Design a Sustainable Business Model - Business Workshop

How to develop business models that regenerate resources instead of use them?

In this workshop, you will be a part of an engaging process that lets you visualise your business ecosystem, see what impact your business has and discover opportunities, risks and tradeoffs in your business model.

About the workshop

Why it's important:


It's the mechanism that makes our world work. Humans need sleep and food to regenerate. Trees regenerate the oxygen we breathe. Organic waste turns into compost which returns nutrients back to the soil and regenerates it so new plants can grow. So why don't we treat our businesses the same way? 

We live in a limited world with limited resources. A sustainable business model is one that can sustain long-term success within these limits.

In contrast, maximising short term productivity at the expense of regenerating our resources (including people. Oh, and money too - global debt is $300 trillion) leads to an inevitable burnout and business decline. Economic, environmental and social crashes along with rising levels of stress and dissatisfaction in the developed world are a case in point.

This workshop will help you get insight into how (un)sustainable your business model is, what are the risks and opportunities and what you can do to ensure proper regeneration.

What you'll get:

  • A visual framework for analysing the sustainability of any business model,
  • insight into good practices, case studies and examples of business models that already work,
  • a lot of practical work on your own business cases.
  • insight into risks, tradeoffs and opportunities of going sustainable.

Who is this workshop for?

  • All business leaders that want to contribute to a positive change in the world,
  • entrepreneurs and startups launching new business models,
  • small and medium-size companies that want to grow sustainably,
  • larger company leadership teams developing a sustainability strategy.



for company teams

Up to 10 participants: 2400€

The benefit of an in-company workshop is that it can be more focused on your specific business case in a team context, which also connects the team. Contact me and let's talk about your needs and benefits.

For individuals


I organise open workshops either on-demand (when enough people show interest) or I schedule them and send invitations through my mailing list

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