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We all are. And to thrive in such a highly interconnected world, we need new ways of thinking and approaching challenges. That's why Bright3r exists.

The purpose of Bright3r

Here's our founding question: What does the world really need?

We're at a point where many of the major challenges are converging. We've got global social and environmental challenges that affect the wellbeing of all of us. We've got the question of economic stability and availability of resources, which is a threat both to businesses and to people. We've got employees and consumers that are just not satisfied with the traditional business practices anymore (and they're absolutely right to not be).

So where do all of these challenges converge? In the way business is being done.

Our purpose is empowering teams and leaders to build thriving businesses while making a positive impact on the world.

Who's "We"?

Ram Dušić Hren

To be technically correct, Bright3r is me. However, I work with an extended network of very close partnerships to deliver tailor-made services. Hence "we".

I have a M.Sc in Physics, which just means that I kept asking why stuff is the way it is even after I was a kid. Academic research didn't quite do it for me, but honest inquiry into the "why" was something I carried through to my career in both startup and corporate world of high tech. Finally, I realised that it's not technological innovations that will solve the true underlying causes of our challenges. Rather, it's innovations in the way we think and systems we put in place. 


Some reference projects

Some client experiences

Engaging stakeholders in a constructive exchange of ideas that result in concrete collaboration is not an easy task. Ram is a "master of facilitation" and with him as the orchestrator of the process, you can count on tangible results.
Ladeja Godina Košir
Executive Director At Circular Change
With his great intuition, analytical mind, and creative solutions, Ram is the benchmark for professionalism and results. He will expertly devote his time to improving your company's results and help you achieve your desired goal.
Klemen Furlan
CEO at GoGiro
Every company should have a chance to work with Ram. Scientific mindset combined with emotional intelligence allows Ram to work in domains as complex as blockchain and instantly click with any team out there looking to improve their overall outcome.
Nino Kutnjak
Chief Product Officer at Iconomi
We loved Ram's dedication to circular economy. In addition to his evident experience, he has strong facilitation and communication skills on an international stage, and a talent for distilling a broad topic into a clear and impactful message.
Darko Stojan
CEO at Avitel Sonce

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